Passing Of The Blazer

It’s part of life. One way or another we all have to deal with it. There was a time when you were happy and making memories with another girl or guy. Then one day you find out that person lied to you, so you have to end the relationship. You date other people, some work, some don’t, and then finally one day you find someone who makes you just as happy if not happier, and who loves you just as much if not more. Nothing can derail this new relationship. One night you go to dinner with your significant other, and as life would have it, your ex is seated at the table next to you, with their new fling. It’s awkward at first, you can’t believe that they are seeing someone that isn’t near as attractive, or funny, or smart, but they seem content. You exchange pleasantries, then enjoy your date, focusing on your date. You can’t help but think in the back of your mind about all the good times you had with your old girlfriend or boyfriend. You even forget all the pain they put you through when the relationship ended. How if it weren’t for them you wouldn’t have had to deal with the crazy guy or girl who didn’t even try in the relationship until you threatened to leave them. All you remember are the incredible dates you went on with them, and the dances you enjoyed. You can even tell, with a second look, that they aren’t happy with the person they are with. Before you can even begin to figure out a way to try and work things out with them however, your date says something that reminds you why they are better for you, and why you are happier now, and how the future is even brighter with them. You pay for your meal, say, “It was really great seeing you.” and you walk out, leaving them with only the memories you had and wishing they worked out more because your new boyfriend or girlfriend is smoking hot.

We all saw today coming. It was tough. There was that awkward handshake that one of us tried to make a hug, then backed out as the other became accepting of said hug. One of us said “I love you” just as the other was saying “Nice to see you.” I’m here to tell you that these emotions were normal. “If Donnie has to be fired, maybe we can hire Bruce.” You’re kidding yourself if you didn’t think this. “It was just one time, and everyone makes mistakes.” is what you are telling yourself. The fact of the matter is, right now, and for the foreseeable future, Donnie Tyndall is our basketball coach, and I am extremely happy about that. There is a bright future with him. I would dare to say brighter than what we had with Pearl. Some would say the most important score from today’s game would be Tennessee 71 – Auburn 63. I would disagree.

Tyndall – 1
Pearl – 0


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